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How to make your industrial roof last longer

An industrial or commercial roof should be strong, weather-proof and long-lasting – protecting your employees and assets from the elements. 

But like anything, the passage of time can result in a decline in quality. Luckily, there are a few ways to increase the longevity of your industrial or commercial roof and keep it at peak quality. 

So, let’s explore our top tips on how to extend the life of your commercial roof. 

7 ways to make your roof last longer 

Choose a qualified and reputable installer 

Excellent quality begins with the installers themselves. 

That’s why it’s paramount to choose a roofing contractor who is skilled, experienced and qualified to install high-quality industrial and commercial roofs. You’ll want to make sure your chosen contractor also has all the relevant accreditations, such as SafeContractor and CHAS, and has been approved for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. This way, you can guarantee a flawless finish that will last a long time. 

Pick the right materials 

Different materials have different properties, so you need to pick the right one for your needs. Metal roofing is a go-to material for lots of industrial and commercial roofs, thanks to its affordability and durability – with some types of metal roofs lasting up to 75 years with proper care. 

There are other material options available to you, but just discuss your options with your chosen roofing provider who can help you select a long-lasting option. 

Consider a sealant 

You may want to request that a roof sealant is applied during the roof installation process. This can help keep the roof weather-tight, and also prevent dirt and debris from entering through your roof. This extra layer of protection boosts the longevity of your roof, and can even reduce the frequency of repairs in the future. 

Gutters and downspouts

The quality and longevity of your roof also heavily relies on the quality of installed gutters and downspouts. These features are vital for directing water away from your building, and so shoddy installation of low-quality guttering can impede its effectiveness, potentially resulting in damage to your building. 

That’s why you should ensure you select a reputable and qualified installer of high-quality and state-of-the-art guttering and downspouts – ideally, select a company who can install both the roof and the guttering, such as Docherty Roofing & Cladding. 

Don’t skip the annual inspection 

Inspections should be carried out at least once a year, although twice a year is recommended. A roofing expert will assess the quality of your roof, identifying any developing problems so you can nip them in the bud before they get worse. 

It’s also a chance to identify the location and severity of any issues that need repairs – it’s important to get these fixed as soon as possible, especially in the case of industrial and commercial roofs where people and assets are relying on safety, weather-protection and security from a roof. 

Keep on top of maintenance 

Following on from above, make sure you have a maintenance plan in place for your roof. There’s no point in investing in a commercial or industrial roof to then not look after it properly, which could lead to disrepair and costly corrections. 

Cleaning, inspections, and patch repairs will all need to be taken care of in a timely fashion to maintain longevity – consult with your chosen roofing installer for advice on the most appropriate maintenance plan for your specific sort of roof. Likewise, if you notice any overhanging branches, you may wish to get them trimmed lest they fall on your roof and damage it. 

Prevent foot traffic 

People repeatedly walking over your roof will undoubtedly reduce its quality. Therefore limit foot traffic on your roof to only people carrying out essential works, such as repairs, cleaning and inspections. 

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